YAHOO LIFESTYLE: Mother shares the outrageous cost of insulin for her daughter

By Sabrina Rojas Weiss

The problem arose when Doreen Rudolph’s daughter, Nicole, turned 26 last year. The grad school student was no longer covered under her parents’ insurance, which had been able to help them pay for the insulin she’s needed since she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 12. The insurance Nicole could afford for herself left her paying $1,310.87 for a 90-day supply, according to the GoFundMe page Doreen set up. This week, the reality of paying this much to keep her daughter alive made her break down in tears.

“I just bought 2 vials of insulin for my daughter cost me $524,” Rudolph wrote on Twitter. “With a discount card. All I could buy. I left the pharmacy and sat in my car and cried. I would never tell her this. I’ll tell her I was able to get from work because she knows I don’t have $.I have love and worry 24/7.”

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