Accessibility and Affordability of Diabetes Medications

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (Feb. 23, 2016) – The American Diabetes Association supports high-quality diabetes therapies that are available and affordable for all people with diabetes.

Insulin, in particular, is a unique medication, in that when it is necessary, there are no alternative therapies to preserve health and life. The Association believes that no individual in need of life-saving medications should ever go without due to prohibitive costs or accessibility issues.

Numerous public policy and private sector solutions are emerging to make this a reality. The Association supports several promising avenues for change, including:

  • Wanting to see all off-patent diabetes medications, including insulin, in the lowest cost-sharing tier on all formularies;
  • Supporting the authorization of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to negotiate prices for prescription drugs under Medicare Part D; and
  • Supporting the move toward value-based benefit design from the current fee-for-service system to incentivize better outcomes, in addition to promoting adherence to recommended therapy to reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

We recognize that many parties, including pharmacy benefit managers, insurers and retailers are involved in the path of medications from manufacturer to patient. As an advocate for all people affected by diabetes, we strongly encourage transparency by all parties in their pricing policies as well as continued dialogue across the diabetes marketplace, in public policy and in the private sector, to develop lasting, affordable solutions.