The cost of insulin needs to be brought down so that it is affordable for everyone, which is why the American Diabetes Association is leading the call for action on this important issue. For people who currently use insulin, however, we know costs are mounting now. Below are resources that may be helpful to people who are currently struggling with the cost of insulin.

  • If you do not have health insurance – Learn More
  • If you have health insurance from the Marketplace – Learn More
  • If you have Medicare – Learn More
  • If you have insurance through your job – Learn More
  • If you have Medicaid or CHIP – Learn More
  • For prescription assistance programs – Learn More

General tips for people currently facing high costs:

  • If the cost of your insulin is a barrier for you, talk to your healthcare team about your concerns, and see what options might be available to you.
  • Review your insurance plan’s drug formulary to understand coverage of your insulin and cost variation by tier, by pharmacy, and pharmacy type (mail order or retail). Depending on your health care plan, biosimilar insulins may be less expensive than the original formulation, and vials may be less expensive than pens.
  • Due to the high cost of newer insulin analogs, use of older human insulins may be a practical option for some people who use insulin
  • Align prescription needs: talk to your doctor to ensure that your prescription reflects your usage each month to avoid multiple copays for a month’s worth of insulin.

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