MEDICAL XPRESS: A young life lost to high insulin prices

Alec Smith was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes shortly before his 24th birthday. When he turned 26, he lost his health insurance. Less than a month later, he lost his life because he couldn’t afford the exorbitant price of his life-saving insulin.

AJMC: ADA Issues Recommendations Designed to Fix Insulin Pricing, Accessibility Crisis

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) released a set of policy recommendations designed to spotlight the increasing difficulties patients with diabetes have affording insulin or gaining access to the life-saving medication through health insurance.

MEDSCAPE: ADA Issues Recommendations to Improve Insulin Access

In a new policy statement, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) provides specific short- and long-term recommendations for improving insulin access and affordability.

WGRZ (NBC BUFFALO): Coping with rising insulin costs

Jack Lafferty has needed insulin for about 10 years. With insulin prices skyrocketing in the U.S., it’s taking a toll on monthly medical bills.

ENDOCRINOLOGY ADVISOR: ADA Issues White Paper Addressing Escalating Cost of Insulin

The increasing cost and access to insulin has become a great concern to individuals with diabetes, as well as all other stakeholders, including families, healthcare providers, insurers, and employers, and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has now issued a white paper addressing the subject.

KFVS 12 (CBS): Can’t afford your diabetes care?

More than 100 million Americans live with diabetes or pre-diabetes according to the CDC, and some can’t afford the testing supplies and medication they need to live healthy lives.

STAT NEWS: Paying the price for insulin

The debate about drug costs can be hard to follow because it is both broad and deep. Between patients not being able to afford their medication, the role of “middlemen” (pharmacy benefit managers), and lawyers filing class-action lawsuits, the topic is complex and can be emotional for many.

THE WESTERN JOURNAL: Mom Begging for Lower Insulin Prices After Son Dies Rationing His Medication

Alec Raeshawn Smith, 26, was trying to hold out for payday so he could afford to pick up his insulin prescription. But Smith, a type 1 diabetic, was found dead in his apartment before payday arrived.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Son’s death pushes Minnesota mom into fight against high, rising drug prices

When Alec Smith turned 26 last May and aged out of his parents’ health insurance, he discovered that he couldn’t afford coverage of his own. Within weeks, he was trying to ration his diabetes medication because he couldn’t afford a $1,300 refill.

NEWSMAX: Diabetes Takes a Toll on Your Wallet as Well as Your Health

When we think of diabetes, what comes to mind is diet, insulin injections, obesity, and even heart disease. But diabetes doesn’t just affect a person’s health; it can be incredibly expensive.

THE HILL: Diabetes research at risk due to funding lapse, groups warn

Several groups are pleading with Congress to permanently fund diabetes programs, arguing the absence of long-term funding could delay promising new research and harm prevention efforts in vulnerable populations.   

KECI: Specialist warns diabetes is dealing Montana a powerful blow

Figures from the American Diabetes Association and Providence Health Services show diabetes is dealing Montana a powerful blow.