FiercePharma: Price ‘scheme’ lawsuit targets CVS, Express Scripts as well as Novo, Lilly, Sanofi

Another legal salvo has been fired against top insulin makers, accusing them of colluding on prices, but this class action suit also targets pharmacy benefit managers CVS, Express Scripts and UnitedHealth’s OptumRx, claiming they were part of the alleged scheme.

Bloomberg BNA: Sanofi, CVS, Others Accused of Insulin Price Fixing

The leading U.S. drugmakers and pharmacy benefit managers colluded to fix prices for insulin, leading to skyrocketing costs and windfall profits for the companies, a new lawsuit alleges.

Modern Healthcare: New PBM programs bypass insurers to offer drug discounts directly to consumers

Pharmacy benefit managers and tech startups are responding to underinsurance and the onslaught of high-deductible health plans by cutting out insurers in the quest to help patients lower their prescription drug costs.

A Sweet Life: Novo Nordisk and CVS Offer Discounted, But Inferior, Insulin

This week, Novo Nordisk and CVS Health announced a new program that will offer discounts on insulin, a life-sustaining drug for people with diabetes.

Business Insider: A drug company just struck a deal to discount the price of a lifesaving diabetes medication to $25

Insulin prices have been rising — increases that mean some people are spending as much on monthly diabetes-related expenses as their mortgage payment.

BioPharma Dive: Bernie Sanders calls for more broadcast news on drug pricing

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, an outspoken critic of the pharmaceutical industry, lobbed his latest attack on Monday, this time at television news networks for their lack of coverage on rising drug prices.

Bloomberg: Drug CEO Has Problem With U.S. Patients Paying His Prices

Too many diabetics in the U.S. are inadvertently getting stuck with a big bill, making it imperative that drugmakers and middlemen at the heart of the country’s complex pricing system fix the issue before regulators step in, the world’s biggest maker of insulin said.

Foreign Affairs: Making Insulin Affordable

James Elliott is convinced that the statistics describing the prevalence of type 1 diabetes are misleading.

Missoulian: Diabetic will die without health care

I’m a Type 1 diabetic, and I was diagnosed at 13 years old.

KHOU: Cutting prescription drug costs by buying abroad

For underinsured Americans, insurance won’t cover the cost of prescription medications.

Endocrinology Advisor: Rising Insulin Prices: ADA & Endocrine Society Call for Action

Between 2002 and 2013, the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes increased by approximately 65%, from 13.5 million to 22.3 million.

Daily Mail: Federal lawsuit accuses three insulin manufacturers of conspiring together to raise their prices as research finds cost increased 120% over four years

A federal lawsuit is accusing three of the biggest drug manufacturers of insulin of conspiring together to raise their prices, but the pharmaceutical companies deny the allegations.