Business Insider: Americans are facing rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs — here’s why

Republican healthcare bills in the House and Senate have people concerned about whether they’ll be left uninsured — or underinsured.

Star Tribune: The soaring price of insulin leaves Minnesota diabetics with few good choices

Robert Newton has been taking insulin for years to keep his diabetes in check, but with the medication now costing him $500 a month, there are times when he has no choice but to ration his supply and take less than he should.

Washington Post: Nevada’s insulin pricing transparency law is a model for the nation

I applaud the push to rein in insulin prices. In Nevada, we are way ahead of Washington when it comes to sending a message to Big Pharma that enough is enough.

Bloomberg: The Crazy Math Behind Drug Prices

David Hernandez, a 44-year-old restaurant worker and Type 1 diabetic, didn’t have insurance from 2011 through 2014 and often couldn’t afford insulin—a workhorse drug whose list price has risen more than 270 percent over the past decade.

Des Moines Register: Editorial: Being diabetic is becoming unaffordable

Egyptian medical texts dated around 550 B.C. contain the earliest known descriptions of diabetes.

CBS News: Feeling the pain of rising drug prices? Blame the middle man

While Washington wrangles with a replacement for Obamacare, patients across the country continue to battle one of the biggest everyday obstacles to good health care: Rising drug prices.

Washington Post: Insulin is too expensive for many of my patients. It doesn’t have to be.

At age 15, I suddenly felt an unquenchable thirst and began urinating frequently.

Washington Post: Lawmakers make bipartisan push to understand the soaring price of a lifesaving drug

Two lawmakers from opposite sides of the aisle have teamed up to ask three powerful health care industries to explain the rising cost of insulin, an essential treatment for people with diabetes.

CBS News: Black market insulin: What you need to know

Millions of consumers are battling rising drug prices.

Healio: As insulin prices rise, endocrinologists confront growing crisis

The number of Americans with diabetes continues to grow, along with the need for insulin therapy.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Sandoval signs bill to increase insulin price transparency

Gov. Brian Sandoval signed off on a bill Thursday that requires pharmaceutical companies to release insulin prices, weeks after vetoing a similar bill that he said wasn’t strong enough.

ABC News: Nevada forces drugmakers to reveal insulin pricing, profits

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed into law Thursday the nation’s strictest requirements for pharmaceutical companies to reveal how they set certain prescription drug prices.