Business Insider: One in 7 people in Nevada is living with diabetes, and the state is now pushing a new approach to tackle the cost of treatment

The state of Nevada is taking a new approach to tackling the rising price of prescription drugs with a new bill.

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society: Generic Drug Industry Group Seeks FDA Regulation Changes

The Association of Accessible Medicines (AAM), formerly known as the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, has recommended five major US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation tweaks in a letter to the Department of Commerce.

Vice Media: Nevada Could Deal a Serious Blow to Insulin Manufacturers

Even though insulin access can literally be a case of life or death, awareness about diabetes drug access is often limited among those who don’t personally experience the disease or have a friend or family member who does.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Families who live with diabetes lament medication high costs

Patients and family members of those who suffer from diabetes shared stories of struggle and heartbreak Wednesday and urged support for a bill to rein in the escalating costs of diabetes medication.

STAT: Meet the lawyer trying to pry drug pricing secrets out of Big Pharma

He has a private jet, a pedigree of winning billion-dollar settlements, and the (sometimes grudging) respect of his adversaries.

CNBC: In the debate over rising drug prices, both drugmakers and PBMs claim innocence

The battle over rising drug prices has become a full-blown he-said-she-said.

Public Opinion: Middlemen take big cut as insulin costs triple

The two doctors who discovered insulin almost a century ago made hardly anything when they sold the intellectual property rights of their Nobel Prize-winning medicine to the University of Toronto, making about $14 each in today’s money.

ABC 7: Cool kid Aiden Darius promotes diabetic issues in Washington

This week’s ABC7 Cool Kid is Aiden Darius, who tutors classmates and is a junior ambassador for the American Diabetes Association.

Men’s Health: The Exorbitant Cost of Diabetes Drugs Killed This Man

Just last week, we ran a story on a survey revealing that the richest one percent of Americans live an average of 10 years longer than the poorest one percent.