THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Insulin Quest: When Lifesaving Drugs Are Out of Reach

Nearly one in 10 Americans has diabetes. But because of rising insulin prices many of them struggle to afford the drugs they need and some diabetics ration their dosage.

USA TODAY: Lack of insulin could affect 40 million people with diabetes by 2030, study finds

Insulin use is expected to rise 20 percent by 2030, and many people who need it for Type 2 diabetes won’t have access, a study from Stanford University suggests.

American Diabetes Association® Reaffirms Commitment to Insulin Access and Affordability for All—Transparency on Insulin Pricing Critical

More than 400,000 individuals have signed the ADA’s Make Insulin Affordable petition, as the ADA marks second anniversary of the initiative.

THE HILL: Congressional report says insulin market benefits drugmakers and insurers, not patients

“Perverse” incentives in the insulin supply chain lead to artificially high prices, as well as limited competition in the markets, according to a bipartisan report released Thursday by two lawmakers.

HEALTHLINE: Why Is the Cost of Insulin Rising and What Can People Do About It?

Insulin in the United States isn’t free — in fact, it’s remarkably expensive, with some of today’s newest varieties costing over $500 for a box of five pens, according to GoodRx.

CBS NY: Illegal Insulin: Desperate Diabetes Patients Turn To Black Market For Affordable Drugs

After years of rising insulin prices, a growing number of diabetics and their families are now facing some tough choices when it comes to paying for the drug.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: UnitedHealthcare gives 20-year guarantee to boy’s insulin coverage after Inquirer article

Insurance companies commonly switch up which brand of medication is considered their preferred option. Before the plan will pay for a more expensive brand, patients must prove the lower-cost option doesn’t work for them.

Americans Rationing Insulin As Prices Skyrocket

26-year-old Alec Smith couldn’t afford the $1,300 a month insulin he needed to control his diabetes, so he tried rationing it — and died. His mother is now speaking out, telling NBC News she lost her son “because of pharmaceutical greed.” Read more here. 

KCTVNEWS5: Kansas City college student describes the copay that almost killed her

The price of insulin has skyrocketed, and what some diabetics do to get the medicine they need is simply heartbreaking and awful.

MEDICAL PRESS: ncreasing cost of insulin has serious health consequences

The increasing cost of insulin is potentially exposing those with diabetes to serious health consequences, according to an American Diabetes Association statement published in the June issue of Diabetes Care.

WCVB5: Mom Fighting to Save Daughter: Big Pharma Can’t Hold You Hostage

Her daughter’s lifesaving medication used to be affordable, just $50 for a three-month supply. Today, it costs $1300.

ALLIGATOR: UF holds forum on insulin prices

Sydney Look was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 16 years old. The condition causes her pancreas to produce little to no insulin.