Treating Diabetes

Healthy Eating Tips for Treating Diabetes

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People get affected by diabetes due to the increase in blood sugar levels, and everyone may face different effects due to their type of diabetes. Diabetes can occur in older age if we do not take the right care of our body. From keeping the blood sugar levels under control with the right diet to exercising for a healthy heart, everything helps prevent factors that can cause diabetes. Here are the healthy eating tips necessary to treat diabetes.

Choose the right carbs

Carbs can increase blood sugar levels dramatically. It is important to know which carbs are good for your health while consuming the right portions. Eating carbs without taking fiber is a bad decision. Whole oats, fruits, brown rice, vegetables, pulses, and yogurt are some examples of healthier carbs.

Eat less salt

Eating lots of salt can increase the risk of high blood pressure. Having symptoms of diabetes can be dangerous while you eat higher quantities of salt. A safe limit for salt per day is 6g. Always remember to check food labels for salt quantities and manage your diet accordingly.

Eat less processed meat

Avoid eating red and processed meat on a daily basis. Consuming ham, sausages, bacon, and red meat can increase the risks of heart problems. You can swap red meat and processed meat with foods such as eggs, fish, pulses, unsalted nuts, and poultry chicken. Each of these foods will give you enough fiber to prevent the impact on your blood sugar levels.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the most effective in maintaining good health. Try to add more of them in your main meals than to eat them as snacks. It will add enough nutrients to your diet so your body stays healthy. Despite having a sugary taste in fruits, they cannot cause diabetes as they contain natural sugar. You need to avoid added sugar that is found in fruit juice products.

Cut down on added sugar


As mentioned above, added sugar is the reason for all types of diabetes. Cutting out sugar can sometimes be difficult as most sweetened food products contain added sugar. In such cases, having more water, plain milk, and coffee without sugar is the best way to drink beverages without sugar. Avoid energy drinks and sugary drinks like soda.

Zero-calorie sweeteners

Zero-calorie sweeteners can help you cut back glucose levels and control your weight. They are also known as artificial sweeteners that eliminate the use of added sugars while still providing you the same sweet taste. If you are already a patient of some type of diabetes, using such artificial sweeteners can be the best way for you to enjoy your food. However, you will need to consider your doctor’s advice on using any type of sweeteners considering your health.

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