Prevent Diabetes

Five Tips to Prevent Diabetes

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Maintaining a healthy body will automatically prevent diabetes. However, type-2 diabetes can be a genetic disorder in some families. Today, type-2 diabetes is growing in numbers among the youth that suffer from obesity. The good news is that type-2 diabetes is preventable in most cases. 9 out of 10 cases can be prevented if the person is willing to make the right lifestyle changes. These changes will also help in preventing heart diseases and even some cancers. Overall these tips will encourage people to stay active. Here are ten tips to prevent diabetes.

Control your weight



Excess weight is the number one reason for turning into a diabetic patient. While inheriting or being overweight can increases the chances of diabetes to seven times, being obese can increase it to 40 times. If you lose your weight down to a healthy area on the weight scale, you can cut down your risk of diabetes in half.

Go out

Sitting idle can increase the chances of type-2 diabetes as the muscles do not get to use the insulin and glucose that get stored in it. Working our or taking a long walk will consume the sugar in the body bringing the sugar levels to be normal. Cardiovascular exercises are considered the best for anyone experiencing symptoms of diabetes.

Create a diet

Create a diet

Four dietary changes are necessary to prevent all factors that lead to diabetes. First, you need whole grain foods over processed carbohydrates. Next, you need to avoid sugary drinks at all costs and pick water and coffee over soda. You also need some healthy fats in your diet that fish can provide. At last, you need to limit red and processed meat in your diet.

Stop smoking

Smoking is also a reason that can lead to type-2 diabetes. Smokers are 50% more inclined towards developing diabetes at later ages, while heavy smokers are at risk of developing it early. Try to reduce the use of cigarettes while slowly bringing it to the final step of quitting. Smoking will not only raise your chances of catching diabetes but also become a problem during your workouts. You will lose stamina to perform cardiovascular exercises. Smoking can also affect your diet as you may not feel hungry after smoking.

Use limited alcohol intake

Use limited alcohol intake

Alcohol is also related to problems that cause diabetes and heart diseases. However, light to moderate alcohol consumption is considered beneficial in increasing the efficiency of insulin. Experts suggest a single drink for women a day, and men have suggested two drinks a day. Excess alcohol can actually increase the risks of diabetes. Avoid drinking beer if you are already experiencing the symptoms of diabetes. If you do not drink alcohol, it is okay to skip this step. You can receive similar benefits from working out and changing your eating patterns.

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